High School

Secondary education in Canada offers a variety of schools, programs and formats, each designed to meet different student needs.

Grade: 7 – 12 (Nigerian Equivalent JSS1 – SSS3)
Age Group: 13 – 18 (approximately)
Semesters: Fall, Winter, and Summer

In the first years of Secondary Education students take mostly compulsory courses, with some options, but as they advance in the system, students are allowed more options and less compulsory courses. The hope is that by this time, students would have had a good idea of their interests and strength, and as such, starts to focus on them. This also prepares them for the job market and makes them more suitable to meet the opposed entry requirements of post-secondary institutions. When students complete the requisite number of compulsory and optional courses, they are awarded a secondary school diploma.

For students who are good with their hands and rather pursue a vocational career, vocational programs are offered in most secondary schools. If there are no facilities for that at the school, technical and vocational programs will be offered at a separate, dedicated vocational training centre.

For immigrant parents interested putting their children through a Canadian high school, it is advisable to bring documents such as transcript/report card, course outlines and even sample projects and works your child has done. These documents will help with placing the child in an appropriate grade, where s/he can excel.

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